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Literacy Program

Reading Wonders by McGraw Hill is a comprehensive literacy program designed to support students from kindergarten through grade 4 in developing strong reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Here's a curriculum summary for each grade level:


  • Focus on building foundational literacy skills such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and basic sight words.
  • Introduction to simple stories and texts with a focus on comprehension and vocabulary development.
  • Activities and exercises to develop oral language skills through storytelling, discussions, and phonics-based instruction.
    Integration of technology and multimedia resources to engage young learners.

Grade 1:

  • Continued emphasis on phonics and phonemic awareness to strengthen decoding skills.
    Introduction to more complex texts with a focus on fluency and comprehension.
  • Expansion of vocabulary through exposure to a variety of genres and text types.
    Writing activities to develop sentence structure, grammar, and basic writing conventions.
    Opportunities for collaborative learning and discussion to enhance speaking and listening skills.


Grade 2:

  • Building on foundational skills with a focus on fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development.
  • Introduction to more sophisticated literary elements such as plot, character, and setting.
  • Continued practice with writing mechanics and composition, including narrative, informative, and persuasive writing.
  • Integration of grammar instruction to support language development and writing proficiency.
  • Differentiated instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Grade 3:

  • Deepening comprehension skills through analysis of complex texts and critical thinking activities.
  • Focus on vocabulary acquisition through direct instruction and context clues.
  • Continued development of writing skills, including organization, elaboration, and revision.
  • Exploration of different genres and text structures to expand reading proficiency.
  • Integration of digital resources and multimedia to enhance learning experiences.


Grade 4:

  • Mastery of reading comprehension strategies to engage with challenging texts independently.
  • Vocabulary development through study of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
  • Emphasis on writing across genres with a focus on research-based writing and argumentative essays.
  • Application of grammar and language conventions in writing and speaking.
  • Integration of literature circles, book clubs, and independent reading to foster a love of reading.

Overall, Reading Wonders provides a structured and comprehensive approach to literacy instruction, with a focus on building essential skills at each grade level while fostering a lifelong love of reading and learning.

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